A Birthday Valentine

A Birthday Valentine

Sweets to the sweet I bring today ,
And give with them my heart away ;
For how can you with grace decline
This heart by courtesy called mine
Since first I owned your gentle sway ?
With the same courtesy I pray ,
Waive all demurring and delay ,
Accept my heart as I resign
Sweets to the sweet .

When you are near my heart is gay .
My highest joy is to obey :
Dear heart , in whom all sweets combine ,
Take this belated valentine :
Nor think I flatter when I say
“Sweets to the sweet .”

Believe me , Madam ,
Your very obedient humble servant
Edward Boswell Bear

A desirable freehold residence —

“A desirable freehold residence —
Ignore the creaking gate, the rampant hedge” ;
“A little oil, a few hours’ work with shears ” :
Ignore the weeds, the tough untidy grass ;
“They can’t have used a lawnmower for years ”:
Newspaper, orange peel and broken glass ;
“Their dustman can’t have much intelligence —
Really this litter is the outside edge!”
“Pray hush, my love, ’tis of no consequence
Forget all else and take my heart in pledge
Our heaven is here, and all this world appears
Stainless and strong as monumental brass”
“The sun will break through when this drizzle clears,
Be careful of that puddle as you pass .”
“See how the faint rays gild with innocence
That old milkbottle on the window ledge !”

Safe now within, they visit every room,
Exclaiming at their newfound paradise :
“So large, and airy too, if somewhat cold —
But not too rambling for convenience – ”
“A coat of paint will soon relieve the gloom
In this north parlour — ” “darling, are there mice ?”
“Hardly, I think : of course the place is old —
But fear no horror from my negligence ,
I will protect you till the day of doom !”
Young lovers rarely heed well-meant advice ,
Their hopes are sanguine when they first behold
A desirable freehold residence .

Undated, but the pen and writing is of 1950