But this I thought was gone with a fresher year

Another invented character in an invented situation.

I received this on 4 October 1955. For the funeral, Marion removed the original character’s declaration of a passion, and asked only for time, to prepare to find out what claims of lifelong constancy might be worth

5. But this I thought was gone with a fresher year—
The lift of heart when gesture and glance and word
Laughter and touch of the hand or turn of the head
Seem suddenly more than their meaning, expected , apart,
As music soon to be loved but now first heard
Is well and perfect and strange to the silent heart.
Perceptions are graced by your life as beads by a thread,
Dear for themselves, for their linking doubly dear.

Yet now great words that confident once I said
Crash hollow like coals where sleepers wake with a start:
Since coin and pebble the well of my dreaming stirred
I watch the dissolving image of joy or fear,
Ring upon ring, while I feel no glory, no smart:
I have seen the cost of your being and being dead,
And even as air accepts the wings of a bird
I can offer you only the now and only the here.

10 September 1958