Lindabrides , lady of all delight

Lindabrides , lady of all delight ,
On tower and silken bower the shadows fall ;
I rein my steed beneath the castle wall —
Steal through the unlatched postern to your knight :
Fear not my foe your brother , lady bright ;
He drinks amid his henchmen in your hall —
My sword is no less keen , my men as tall :
Your love for him alone averts their might .

Though he has sworn to mate you with a knave ,
Denied your wishes , banished me your sight ,
You grace him with your love : why , lady dear ,
At your sweet hands what mercy may I crave ?
I have outsworn Sir Knave the Bridegroom’s right ,
Condoned your every wish : and I am here .

15th September 1952

[On the same sheet as Green willow , drooping to caress the stream ]