Stars grant me not unruffled joy

Stars grant me not unruffled joy ,
Though sweet that joy and deep ,
Lest rapture too secure should cloy
Or lull my soul to sleep .

We prize the late and perfect rose ,
Menaced by eager rain .
The pearl in its perfection grows
Round one intrusive grain .

Let love flower sweet and insecure ,
The sweeter for the dread .
These pearls I string you shall endure
When love and I are dead .

Received 29 September 1951

Spring was made for mating

Spring was made for mating ,
Joy lies stored for some :
Now, since love is waiting ,
Give me leave to come .

Summer comes sublimely ,
Joy runs hand in glove ;
Now , since love is timely ,
Give me leave to love .

Autumn leaves are flying ,
Joy deserts her mate :
Now , since love is dying ,
Give me leave to hate .

Winter comes unfriended ,
Joy lies wrapped in snow :
Now , since love is ended
Give me leave to go .

Received 25 September 1951