Admired Burlerrow, farm beyond compare,

Admired Burlerrow, farm beyond compare,
From stir sequestered and remote from care
I sing . ‘sweet Muse, assist my grateful lays
To hymn Burlerrow’s never dying praise
Speak not of Jove — a jovial lord presides
And fleeter steeds than Phoebus’ own provides
Juno, retire: a matron far more bland
Sways this Olympus with a bounteous hand :
Blush, Hebe : smiling Mary stands supreme
And shames your nectar with her Cornish cream :
The weary traveller finds refreshment rare
And strengthened breathes to heaven a parting prayer :
Long may this house in peace and plenty rest
And joys domestic cheer the favoured guest ,
That he may counsel each returning year,
‘Seek bliss no further! I have found it here .’

6 September 1951

This is a rare example of work I have in an unfinished state. She seems to have had a struggle to throw off the vocabulary of Eldorado. The fair copy, of course, she gave the farmer and his wife.