Come , every wandering dream

back page of the four

Come , every wandering dream ,
My hopes of earthly fame :
Now stir trumpet and drum ,
Eager I bid you come ,
As once you came .

Empty are house and barn ,
I crave my destined urn .
Most ill-starred was I born ,
My heart and sleeve are torn ;
Dear dreams return .

Tell me I have not failed ,
Fame I shall yet behold ;
Say deep flagons are filled ,
Gods shall pledge me they killed ,
When I lie cold .

21st Oct. 1951. Written and dated on back of a fold sheet

Who art thou so roughly used

second inner page

Who art thou so roughly used ,
Kidnapped , cheated and abused ,
Barred the honours of thy name ,
Closeted with lust and shame ,
Destitute and threadbare met
In thy state revealing yet
More than princely dignity,
More than earthly quality ?

I am heaven’s highest good
Here but weakly understood :
Life is at my bidding stirred ,
And my name so idly heard
Thunders as a trump above :
Think , then speak , for in a word
I am Love .

Dated on outer page, 17th Oct.1951.

Spring was too swift and fleeting to record

first inner page of 4

Spring was too swift and fleeting to record ,
Summer’s brave pageant all unwritten passed :
Now , when rich harvests should be timely stored ,
I strive to gather rosebuds while they last .

Rosebuds may linger till the first sharp frost ,
But droop they must , and droop with them must I :
An empty granary, a garland lost —
How shall I live while winter storms are high ?

Winter I may defy , for thou art mine ,
Spring is a portrait palely drawn from thee ,
Summer but borrows graces that are thine ,
The gifts of autumn but thy tributes be .

Fall leaves , come snow : while thou art mine I sing
Brave summer, sweet and everlasting spring .

21st Oct. 1951, dated on outer page



Echo , who may question you ?
You .
Some speak love but are untrue —
True .
Echo , does my lady so ?
So .
Does she love me , do you know ?
No .
Is that swain more blest than I ?
Aye .
Echo, silence , or I die !
Die .

A folded sheet with four poems. Dated on this first side 21st Oct. 1951.

Now while delight is keen

My dearest heart ,
Before fate intervene
Rise and depart .

Better that love should fade
When fortunes fall :
What you cannot evade
At least forestall .

Love meet you on your way
Grief to remove :
I would not have you stay
Faithless to prove .

Yet if you choose to dare
What must ensue ,
My heart is in your care ,
Dear love , be true .

17th Oct. 1951 .

(there are 4 poems on this folded sheet)