Now midnight is striking

Now midnight is striking ,
Now mid-earth is sleeping ‘
My loving and liking
Towards you are creeping —
My thoughts to you thronging
’Twixt sleeping and waking
With liking and longing ,
Too strong for mistaking :
Their prison unlocking ,
My wishes go speeding
Where you to their knocking
Lie deaf and unheeding ,
Where you softly sleeping
While darkness is reigning
Secure in God’s keeping
Lie sealed from their plaining :
Be deaf , be unseeing !
No gift of your giving
But merely your being :
Rejoices my living :
Unworthy your friending
This heart ever aching ,
These thoughts to you tending
’Twixt sleeping and waking :
God grant me deserving
If loving and liking
Towards me are swerving
Now midnight is striking .

15 November 1953 .