We come with the wind, we gather within your garden
Swift as the drift of autumn leaves on a lawn :
We whisper at every window, we wail in the wind
High as the cry of a bat in the gathering twilight
Small as the call of a bird half heard at dawn.

Drive us away in the dusk before it darkens,
Soon as the moon is high in heaven we are here :
We mourn aloud in the moonlight ; we sigh in the shade,
Faint as the plaint of a night wind in the sallows
Wild as a child unknown alone with fear.

Ghosts of a dream, the good deeds you neglected,
How can we now redeem our wrongful distress ?
You must salve our sorrow when mercy stirs in your mind,
Free as the sea you must wander, pity and pardon,
Give while you live till death your breath suppress.

Received — 20.3.51