xiv —ij—MCMLII

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xiv —ij—MCMLII
Till day and life be done
Shine love alone my sun
Dispel these mists of dawn :
Where my soul’s branches lean
By purest light be seen
What whiteness strews the lawn .
If in thy warmth and light
These blossoms melt from sight
Winter holds court too late :
This fair show at his feet
Exists but in conceit
And must abide his fate .
Where shines no love at all
As snow the world’s gifts fall
Lovely , nor good nor ill :
Beauty the branches steal
Yet no new life may feel
Flaunting these blossoms still .
Shine, for thy warmth alone
Can make this shower my own
Which frozen long has lain :
Revived , the boughs begin
To blossom from within :
The lawn lies white again .
The beauty winter gave
I may not chose to save :
New strength , new beauty give
This vow of faith believe ,
This prayer of love receive :
Shine , that the tree may live .
(What though the muses nine
My gallantry decline ?
My love shall yet be known :
See , where the branches lean
New drifts lie white and clean :
Shine , for I wait alone .
Long shall my sun remain : second page
This month of snow and rain
Shall make my lady mine :
Sweet birds sing now in tune
While she unlocks the rune
Of this my valentine .):

Beloved , take this rose ,
Fresh , delicate and fair ,
White as the sudden snows
That baffle gardeners’ care
Though pure the snow flowers fall
On the year’s early pall ,
The purest flower of all
Love’s queen and mine shall wear .

Love has a garden rare ,
As every lover knows ,
And hedged from winter there
One flower transplendent grows :
If in return I may
Achieve that flower today
My queen has but to say
‘Beloved , take this rose .’

21st February 1952