Jane was a stout and stalwart child,


Jane was a stout and stalwart child

Her voice was very far from mild:

Although requested not to shout

She bawled, she screamed, day in, day out.

Had she once learned her mouth to shut

She might have lived far longer; but

The tragedy I now relate

Befell her at the age of eight.


Each year her parents went with glee

To spend a week beside the sea,

And knowing, as good parents do,

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The Threadbear of Needle St


This little fantasy is tucked into the back of the funeral file.

The Threadbear of Needle St.

There was once a surreptitious Threadbear who lived in Needle St.

His safe home was in the basement of a Bank . The bankers did not know this .

His room was rather dark, with steel walls, but he had hung it with some smart paper he found in stacks on a shelf. It was white with a squiggly design of black and red .

The front door had a combination lock . Since the Threadbear was an unsociable but mechanically-minded animal he had changed the combination to BEAR 666 .

Sometimes a banker came to call on him. The Threadbear lay low , and after trying a few likely combinations the banker went away .

The Threadbear had no friends . He lived a peaceful life .

In his larder he kept honey , flies and embroidery silk in many pleasant colours . The blues were the tastiest but disagreed with him . He was a bilious Threadbear .

One day the Threadbear had run out of flies . He thought he would step along to the Sports Shop and buy some more .
“There’s sure to be nothing but feather kinds left” he said disconsolately as he put on his spats .

On the way he met a Wretched Being . It was carrying all the equipment of a fisherman.

“Why not take a tram to the Sports Shop ?” said the Wretched Being .

They climbed aboard the first tram that came by .

“You pay going and I’ll pay coming back,” said the Threadbear, and he thought to himself “ We won’t come back together.”

Are the later poems copied since before JP? no

Like the fall of a star


Like the fall of a star ,
Like the change of a vane ,
Like an echo in air ,
Like a shadow in rain ,
Like a glint in the snow ,
Like a breath on the glass ,
Love is easy to know —
Love is known by its loss .

The funeral collection is my only source for this. Extreme brevity was in her range and she could make it moving, even in the manner of a folk piece.

For the death of Ezra Pound

8. For the death of Ezra Pound

One face the less reflected in wrinkles on the Grand Canal :
One shrivelled leaf the more whirled far from Kensington Gardens :
The jealously guarded rights of flesh resigned ,
Our Spartan steps naked now into new battle .

O dear master !

Exile , prophet , rune-caster , last of the troubadours ,
In perpetuum ave atque vale .

[Received new in 1968]

At the time of his death Marion would remember that Jocelyn was attracted by all Pound’s given roles. For Jocelyn too there was a shadow of Good-bye for ever.