The friendship between Marion and me began in Lady Margaret Hall in October 1949. That she gave me all her poetry was part of that friendship, but I did not know until after she had died that she gave them to no one else. While she was teaching in Bristol’s Drama Department she exchanged some pieces with Barbara Butler on the basis of their shared ambitions, but we do not know whether these were things I already had myself.

The index of first lines should be updated frequently as I add more items. Much the majority of short pieces is in manuscript, and I have given them a page each. If a piece is undated, my notes may suggest a date from the paper and pen, the writing, or what I know from Marion’s correspondence, or simply by my memory. Her blank verse sequel to The Tempest will be listed among first lines by its title, The Island Disenchanted.

This is the website for Marion Jones’s poetry which she committed to me, and almost all was committed only to me. This is my way to give access to works which would otherwise die with me.

Jean Spendlove

One thought on “Introduction

  1. I’ve had a quick read of the first three poems added to the website, Jean.

    I like Marion’s ideas, but am not a reader of much poetry and am no judge of what constitutes literary merit other than as to what I enjoy and what broadens my thought processes.

    It would be interesting to know whether any publishers would find something of merit in it for public consumption, before too many hours are spent typing it into this website.

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